Aurestėja was established at 1998. It is a joint – stock company, purely Lithuanian. Currently company employs more than 30 highly qualified professionals. It has a fleet of transportation for local retail market chains and vehicles for international routes. Locally company works with the leading retail market chain in the Baltic States. Internationally it is carrying temperature-controlled goods in Europe and Russia.

Aurestėja owns premises including the office, vehicles maintenance complex, the warehouse and the protected parking lot.

Company has a strong focus on customer’s needs, service quality, reliability, flexibility and operational excellence.  The key strength is to meet and exceed customer’s requirements with high quality services and continuously improve the programs to drive the operational excellence throughout the organization.



The main activity of Aurestėja UAB is international road freight transportation of refrigerated goods. We provide temperature controlled cargo carriage by road transport from Western and Central Europe to Eastern Europe including Baltic states, some parts of Asia and vice versa.

Road freight transportation services are being provided in the following countries: Italy, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Russia.

Company’s fleet of vehicles include 22 modern transport units:

• 4 combinations of refrigerated trucks with fast loading trailers;

• 6 rigs with refrigerated semi–trailers;

• 12 small capacity refrigerated trucks.

To be more environmentally friendly company renews the fleet of vehicles regularly matching the Euro V-VI standard. The vehicles are provided with modern tracking and record systems, civil liability is insured at trustworthy partner according to the CMR convention conditions. Company’s focus on technology allows improving delivery chain through IT technologies. Currently GPS navigation system allows being on a constant contact with drivers on the road, as well as to monitor the movement of the truck, location of the cargo. Improved visibility helps to improve the provided services, optimize the delivery chain.